Andrew Natusch

Dairy/Kiwifruit Farmer

We now have 11 Kiwi Cattlestops that are used at access interactions between orchards, houses and the dairy farm. They have proved to be a brilliant solution to allowing separate activities to work harmoniously together.

Kiwi Cattlestops are easy to install and quick to clean out if required. Other wise we never need to touch them.

John Price

Stock buyer, Matamata

I simply wanted the best

Pat Hamana

Hancock Forest Management, Tokoroa

With 100,000 tonne of logs to harvest on a steap unstable metal road with 8 gates that couldnt be left open we had quite a challenge. The solution was Kiwi Cattlestops and they are holding up well.

Paul Bisset

Contracting Divisional Manager - Fulton Hogan

Our client wanted to increase the existing Kiwi Cattlestop from a 4.4m to a 6.1m. It was easily done by adding an extra section to the cattlestop and replacing the existing pipes with longer ones. A great advantage, highly recommended.

Brian Scott

Dairy Farmer

Here is a photo of our new maxi cattlestop we have just bought from you. It also shows the standard cattlestop we bought from you 8 years ago in the background.

The decision to buy the maxi cattlestop for our tanker track from you was easy as the standard one has been trouble free and shows no sign of any damage or wear. For 3 years, a fully loaded logging truck would use it daily with no effects. It was very easy to install and has no need for any maintenance.

D. Mark

Hi there, we purchased one of your Kiwi Cattlestops from the Fieldays at least 4 years ago.  At long last, my husband finally finished it off with post & rails.

I was so thrilled with it, I thought I would send through a photo of the finished product.