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Kiwi Cattlestops are passionate about their product.
20 years of listening to their customers has helped them develop
their cattlestops to be the best option for all types of landuse.

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Stops cattle in their tracks & lasts the distance…

  • Proven on dairy and dry stock farms, quarries, forestry and public roads
  • Engineered for public roads – 24 tonne axle loading per high tensile pipe
  • Individual pipes are quick and easy to remove
  • Smooth to drive over, no rattling but some noise so you can hear those unexpected guests
  • Delivered all over the North & South Islands
  • Large drainage holes, double up as culvert and lifting points
  • Hedghog friendly
  • Suitable for moderate gradients
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Quick to install approx 2 hours
  • Five year guarantee

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Kiwi Cattlestops Range

Now doubly reinforced using conventional and modern techniques
Alternative to underpass on quiet rural roads – conditions apply

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Kiwi Cattlestop's 5 year guarantee